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I'm a story of time ...

Bullion gold


We have reached the 100,000 currencies appraised by our experts. We have a large customer base for rare English, German, Swiss, American, French and colonial currencies.


We buy and sell all the world's currencies, from all eras (ancient, Roman, Byzantine, royal, modern). We are also interested in all types of rare banknotes, tokens, medals, and military decorations.

Bullion gold


As for gold, we specialize in $10 and $20 American coins, 20 Napoleon francs and 20 Vreneli Swiss francs. We also attach great importance to first-class gold, which is verified by three experts in Luxembourg and is of a much higher quality.


This type of gold can be traded with bonuses. For example, the bonus for American currencies is currently low, but used to go up to 150% in the 1980s.

Online and live auctions


You can trust us with the safekeeping of your collections and rare coins to offer them directly to our customers or to put them up for sale in our upcoming auctions.

Online and live auctions

WinNumis conducts its auctions on the Millennium State auction platform based in Luxembourg:

- We set together the details of the reserve prices, conditions of sale

- We help you with descriptions, pictures, sales management, shipping, customer invoicing

- We highlight your collection as much as possible

- We meet your needs in the best possible way and charge competitive sales costs

Wealth management

Advice and investment

With our many years of experience and the trust of our clients, we have opened a Advice department.


We are able to advise and support you in the management of large investments, entrepreneurs or industrialists, investors, investment funds seeking to manage their gold or numismatic assets.

Our most important advice:

Always keep between 5% and 10% of your assets or wealth converted into gold.

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